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Engineering a South Shore Success Story

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Morse Engineering ScituateIn an industry regarded for accuracy, Morse Engineering has earned a reputation for precision and innovation. Since 2009, this small civil engineering firm out of Scituate, MA has helped South Shore property owners define, preserve & maximize their investments and the environments that surround them. If you are a homeowner, developer or commercial property owner, we encourage you to look at this South Shore success story.

Ever since Greg Morse was at Marshfield High School, he had the urge to run his own company. He’d been involved in construction his whole life, growing up in his father’s excavation business. Engineering was a logical next step. After earning a degree at Northeastern University and putting in a few years with another engineering firm, he launched Morse Engineering in 2009 and over the last 3 years, Morse Engineering has grown to include 2 registered engineers, a land surveyor and field crew.

“As engineers our goal is not only to comply with regulations … but also to act as environmental stewards”

Morse Engineering considers their role to be more than just an engineering service. “As engineers our goal is not only to comply with the state and federal regulations … but also to act as environmental stewards” – Greg Morse. A number of their projects are located in environmentally sensitive areas, whether it’s an inland wetland, river, flood plain or coastal area, they promote green design and low-impact projects where and when they can.

Creating site designs that serve the town, the developers and the environment is always an end goal for any project they work on. “A growing concept on the South Shore is “cluster development” or “open space development.” A number of projects are currently under construction in the Towns of Norwell, Scituate and Plymouth, where developers will permanently preserve open space surrounding the perimeter of a project by proposing smaller lot sizes and relaxing some of the zoning setbacks to allow the homes to be more “clustered.” This no9t only prevents development sprawl, but also reduces the amount of infrastructure required for projects (less road surface, less drainage, fewer trees removed, etc.).

Scituate SurveyMorse Engineering provides a number of engineering services including permitting and water resource inspection services. The following case studies are a few of the critical land use issues that Morse Engineering has solved for their South Shore clients.

Case Study #1: Flood Zone Certification and Verification
Pudding Hill Lane – Marshfield, MA

When FEMA decided to update their Flood Insurance Rate Maps (F.I.R.M.) for the Town of Marshfield, this property was placed within a flood zone and the homeowners noticed a sizable increase in their homeowners insurance. Morse Engineering was hired to determine whether the home was actually located in the flood plain by preparing a FEMA Flood Elevation Certification and filing a request for a Letter of Map Amendment. The result of Morse’s services were that the site was not located within the flood plain and the F.I.R.M. Map for this property has been amended to avoid the excessive insurance premiums.

Case Study #2: Land Planning and Subdivision Site Design
120 Circuit Street – Hanover, MA
Morse Engineering provided the Client with preliminary land planning, conceptual design and due diligence research for this 24-acre residentially zoned property. Work performed resulted in the Client being able to convey a large portion of the property to the Town of Hanover for “Open Space” while also providing a 2-lot residential subdivision.

Case Study #3: Septic System Design
22 Main St. – Marshfield, MA

This project involved the design, permitting and construction phase inspections of a new septic system at this existing 4 bedroom / bookstore multi-use building located along the banks of the South River in Marshfield, MA. The existing septic system had failed and Morse was hired to design and permit a new system. Due to the environmental sensitivity of the site (within 50-ft. of the banks of the South River), Morse designed a HOOT Aerobic treatment system with a pump chamber and pressure-dosed leaching chamber field, included in the design were new landscape features, a garden and a retaining wall. The system was successfully permitted through the Board of Health, Conservation Commission and Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection.

In addition to these services, Morse engineering also offers:

Commercial & Residential Site Design
Subdivision Design & Permitting
Septic System / Title 5 Inspection & Design
Sewer Connection Plans
Wetlands/Conservation Permitting
Drainage & Utility Design
Percolation Testing & Soils Analysis
Property line staking/ Boundary Survey
Environmental Permitting Services
Wastewater sampling
Site monitoring for compliance with DEP and EPA Requirements

Morse Engineering & its employees are dedicated members in the community as well. Over the past several years Morse has donated time to several “Habitat for Humanity” projects and to the Charles River Conservancy and Dept. of Conservation & Recreation

South Shore Civil EngineersMorse Engineering, Inc.
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