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Lloyd Architects Plymouth MA

Rob Reifeiss & Lester Lloyd, AIA

Lloyd Architects is an architecture firm based in Plymouth, MA. Led by Lester Lloyd, AIA, and Rob Reifeiss, Lloyd Architects has been solving complex design challenges for their clients for nearly 20 years. Their client list includes companies like Pfizer, Genzyme, Starbucks, US Airways & Bank of America and are considered the “commercial architecture secret of the South Shore.” Rob and Lester recently sat down with us and this is their story.

Prior to launching Lloyd Architects in 1993, Lester studied at Brown University where he earned two undergraduate degrees- one in materials engineering and a second in studio art. After a two-year stint working for architects in Chicago then with contractors in Providence, Lester went on to earn a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University.

Rob followed a similar path, also earning two undergraduate degrees. His first is in Finance from Boston College, the second a BA in Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art. After completing his undergrad studies, Rob moved on to earn a Masters degree from M.I.T.

“Our clients have called us the commercial architecture secret of the South Shore”

Both architects were drawn to field out of a passion for the process of building. A motivation to turn small intricate pieces or problems into built environments that are “all at once human, sculptural, and based on constructability. ” –LL is at the heart of the firm’s purpose. Rob also credits the ideals introduced in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead as his inspiration to be an architect. “The ability to create space where nothing existed before, and to have people react either conscious or unconsciously to the user experience was a very powerful idea to me”- LL

LLoyd Architects - Plymouth, MA
Bank Architects Lloyd Architects

“commercial projects are more about the needs of a business versus personal tastes. Budget and schedule are almost always discussed before design and aesthetics.”

Perhaps Lloyd Architects greatest strength is their practical approach to the commercial projects. Customers often choose to work Lloyd Architects because they understand that “commercial projects are more about the needs of a business versus personal tastes.” “Budget and schedule are almost always discussed before design and aesthetics.” – RR “But, it is all about working with people along with creating a building. It is great fun to help a new client solve all the different pieces of the puzzle to get to a product that does what they want.”– LL

In addition to this expertise, it is a depth of knowledge of the intricate components of a commercial project to which Lester and Rob pride themselves. 95% of the firm’s portfolio is comprised of commercial work that often requires technological solutions to a wide range of functions to a wide range of facilities. Their scope of work includes bank branches, restaurants, retail, historical restoration as well as clean-room design for advanced technology facilities. Currently Lloyd Architects is registered in 9 states: Including all of New England, New York, Nevada, Maryland & New Jersey.

Lloyd Architects - linda beans lobster cafe
Lloyd Architects - Starbucks Retail Site
Lloyd Architects Host Ozone

Their knowledge and experience with the mechanical and engineering requirements of a project is a value added service they offer clients. For example, much of Lloyd Architect’s work on restaurants is done for airport terminal locations. A typical problem there is “does the kitchen need cool air or just fresh air? How do we get the grease-laden air safely out of the kitchen? The client depends on us to advise them even before the engineers are involved.” –LL

Tyco Machine Floor Layout
AmWave Gas design
LLoyd Architects Bonfire Restaurant

Having been in business for 19 years, Lloyd Architects has witnessed an evolution in architecture and the built environment. Throughout the years however, there are four fundamental design beliefs that haven’t changed for them:

  • Good Design should be buildable. It requires an ability to apply the needs of the client’s program under a framework of restrictions (building codes, sustainable materials, climate etc.) and make those restrictions work to the client’s advantage.
  • Good Design should be usable
  • Good Design should be pleasurable: strive to create an environment that can be as tactile and inviting as possible.
  • Good Design should be safe: “Architects and designers are charged with providing a safe, humane, and acceptable environment to the public; and that can only happen through smart, considerate, and thoughtful design. Recently there is a much larger focus on the structural ability of buildings and homes that did not exist previously. Hurricanes, earthquakes and tornado’s were not part of the general discussion when designing; now they are on the forefront of initial design decisions.” – RR
Sutton Bank Design

Bank of America – Sutton, MA

LLoyd Architects Project

Finally, a question we love to ask architects at all of our interviews is; “If you had the choice to create new architecture or to fix bad architecture which would you choose?”

RR: “I am always disappointed that we search out the quaint, business and home-lined downtowns of 100 years ago, filled with shops, restaurants, and vibrant living spaces, and yet continue to create strip malls and the like with acres of parking fronting the street; forcing people to experience everything from the car’s view. This creates dead areas if you can’t activate the area 24/7.

LL: “New architecture give us the chance to invent sculptural form, and to express our personal visual preferences in a new way. But, improving an existing design gives us a different opportunity–it is the opportunity to improve an unfortunate situation. In fact, the constraints that come from existing conditions promote deeper problem solving than a blank site. Also, an improvement to an existing building can be more powerful in its effect than building new, because it makes a clear change for the better, to everyone’s benefit.”


We’d like to thank Lester Lloyd and Rob Reiffeiss for taking the time to talk with us. If you have a project that requires intelligent design coupled with engineering complexities, Lloyd Architects would be worth a phone call.

Lloyd Architects, Inc
32 Court Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 746-4646

Silks Lloyd Architects
Hudson Valley Wine Bar LLoyd Architects
Kennebunk ZMart LLoyd Architects


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