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Stone House Antique Shop

On Friday I stopped by Stone House Antique Shop in Norwell, MA. Considered to be one of Massachusetts’ best antique shops, this is a must-visit for any South Shore homeowner, decorator or home stager. It’s diverse and eclectic selection includes everything from art and pottery to,sporting equipment and furniture.

Stone House Antique Shop is owned by Marie Anderson, a worldly Norwell native who has spent a number of years in Germany during the occupation as well as several other countries while she and her husband were in the army. After settling back in Norwell, Marie took over ownership of the shop from her mother and hopes to have her son run the business someday.

Part of the shop is housed in an old barn built in 1850 which, according to Anderson, was originally owned by “widow Burr.” Mrs. Anderson’s family relocated the barn from it’s original site next to the Assinippi Universalist church to its current location at 244 Washington St. Norwell, MA

You can spend hours in this small barn and still not see everything that is there for sale.  A small piece of advice to any visitor; look up, look down, look under and behind.  When I complimented Marie on all the cool things here she modestly replied; “Well there is a lot of it anyway.”  And there is a lot.  One of their biggest sellers are old wooden box crates which are great accent pieces for any style home, condo or apartment.

Norwell Antique Boxes
Norwell Antique Boxes
Norwell Antique Boxes


Many of customers also come in to rumage through the “Bargain Center,” as Marie calls it.  The Bargain Center is basically the front porch and includes an array of items-  old chairs, shovels,  fishing rods and windows, to name a few.   Most buyers are interested in taking these pieces home to refinish or create unique and authentic decorative pieces.

Norwell Antique Shops
Norwell Antique store

As you make your way through the shop you’ll pass under dozens of chairs hanging from the ceiling and eventually into a room filled with handmade oriental and persian rugs.

South Shore Antique oriental and persian rugs
Norwell Oriental and Persian rugs
Antique Oriental and persian rugs Norwell, MA

The next time you are looking for something unique for your home or as a gift, definitely stop by the Stone House Antique Shop

Stone House Antique Shop
244 Washington St.
Norwell, MA 02061


The gallery below is just a handful of what Stone House Antiques has to offer.

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