Pembroke Dull Men’s Club

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The Dull Men's Club Pembroke, MAThis is too funny not to share. NPR radio show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” has a great segment called “bluff the listener” where the listener has to hear 3 stories from the WWDTM panel and guess which one is true. [Spoiler Alert] This weeks show spotlighted a club in Pembroke called the Dull Men’s Club where a group men in Pembroke meet once a week to talk about life’s boring and mundane. Like which way the toilet paper roll is supposed to be installed under or over… or which way airport baggage carousels cylce, clockwise or counter clockwise? Or the always interesting topic of park benches. Well wouldn’t you know it? There is such a club right here in Pembroke Massachusetts. They even have a website.

The Dull Men’s Club
“Where dull men – and women who appreciate dull men – share thoughts and experiences about ordinary things.
We don’t get out much.”

Here’s the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Audio…

Here’s A Wall Street Journal Video about these guys.

God Bless ’em

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