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Taking Home Staging to the Streets

Curb Appeal

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Hating buzzwords doesn’t stop me from using them.  Let’s talk “curb appealpeople!  Unfortunately a buyer doesn’t start a home tour from inside your house. Their first impression of your house will be from inside their car when they either do a “drive by” or while they stare at your home as they wait for the real estate broker to show up. So here are some quick tips to revitalize your yard so you can make a great first impression.

Front Door Fix Up:

If the front door needs it (be honest), refinish, replace or repaint it.  Surprisingly if you decide to paint you don’t need to stick to neutral colors, in fact bold is better!  Just make sure that it’s still welcoming and warm–oranges, greens, reds can all work depending on which complements your home best.  If you go bold with the door, keep the shutters neutral and remember to clean screens.  Replace hardware if necessary to update and make sure the door doesn’t stick.

Tip:  Clean screens won’t necessarily get noticed, but dirty ones will.  Either remove the screen and do this outdoors or put down towels to contain the mess.  Add a small amount of liquid dish detergent (a little goes a long way) to a bucket of warm water.  Using a stiff bristle brush, gently go over both sides of the screen with the soapy water and then rinse thoroughly. Go the extra mile and remove any paint on the glass using a razorblade and some glass cleaner.  It will make your windows look like new.


Greenery always warms up a space inside or out.  If your front yard already has flowerbeds, clean them up and plant.  It’s always a good idea to mix perennials with annuals, as this will give you some variety and a shot at having something living in your garden at all times.  You don’t need to go all out, but hiring a landscaper certainly wouldn’t hurt your potential profits.  At the very least a few well-placed blooms will set the tone for what’s inside.  If you have the anti-green thumb and are adamant on doing this on your own, go to your local flower shop and ask for some hearty plants that are already in large planters.  If it’s winter, greenery is still important.  Think about some shrubbery to showcase the front door.  In the spring, add mulch to the flowerbeds for some contrast, giving them a more finished, well-kept look.

Clear a path:

The road to your door should be pleasant and inviting so trim your trees and prune bushes (if it’s winter, shovel and salt).  This is a tedious task for any season of the year, but one that buyers will appreciate.  If the yard looks overrun, buyers will be turned off by the perceived amount of yard work they would need to tend to.

Additional Home Selling Tips for the Yard:

  • Sweep the front walk
  • Fix any cracks in concrete steps
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Fix loose railings
  • Power-wash your house and paved surfaces



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  1. Jeanne T. Rowell says:

    great ideas; good tips that seem well thought out and helpful! keep them comming!

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